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Electric Storage Type Advantages
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Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) Made Heat Exchanger
Heat exchanger made of OFC, which generally refers to high conductivity copper alloy, is more heat-conductive and more heat-centralized.
20-minute Automatic Power Off
Especially designed for unventilated area. It will automatically stop offering gas after 20 minutes in order to prevent the constant emission of CO. The safer, the better.
Powerful Burners
Offer instant heat-up and maintain hot water even in extremely cold areas.
Thermostatic Electrical Apparatus
Keep the temperature of water consistent and stable and be adjustable for different needs of family members.
  Unique Technology of Cold Water Sensor
Precise control of not only hot but also cold water temperature. Keep thermostatic electrical apparatus even more accurate.
  Various Problems Indicator
Our electrical apparatus can precisely detect various problems, such as out-of-battery, unventilated, overheating conditions (etc). Shorten the time and make it easier to handle related incident.
Double Valves Substituted for Traditional Water Valve Device
Less expensive, less pressure-loss, more powerful.